The Truth About Self Catering!
Yes, there is a sink and also pots, pans and a stove but ... that's where it ends.

It's YOUR holiday so you decide if and when you cook in the apartment. Perhaps you just want to keep some beers and a bottle of wine in the fridge, or maybe you will take advantage of the varied and reasonably priced local grocery emporiums to create your own meals. Meals that you know your "fussy" eaters will enjoy! No danger of your little ones having pizza every day for a week because they don't like the set menu - Unless that's what YOU wish.

Alternatively, in the village there are over twenty hostelries to suit all tastes and budgets so you can, of course, eat out whenever you like.

There is no timetable or being tied to a certain place for dining every day.

Again, it's your holiday - you choose!

What does Self Catering mean to you?
  • Just a change of sink?
  • Non-Stop cooking?
  • Cleaning?
  • Poor value?
  • Strict timetables?
Think again!

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